Boosting Your Residential Security in Easy Affordable Ways

External Security ImprovementsAccording to the Australian Institute of Criminology, household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia. Based on the 2009-10 record, there are about 335,700 break-ins all in all. Money and jewellery are stolen along with other items such as firearms. As such, every Australian household needs to execute steps to make their home a safer and more secured place.

If you would be availing a building inspection service, you would know how safe and secure your home is. What a building inspection company does is to inspect every nook and corner of your house to find out what needs to be improved in your home security. After detailing out your house’s needs, you would then know what actions you have to take in order to boost your residential security. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to increase your home’s protection. Here are some easy yet affordable ways on how to make it harder for burglars to break inside your home:

Remind everyone to make home security a habit.

There are many times that you often let your guard down, that nothing bad would happen. You go outside your house for a while to buy something to eat at the next neighbourhood block. It’s just nearby and you’ll be real quick. But remember, burglary could happen at the shortest and quickest time possible. The moment you turn your eyes away, your mobile phone is gone, your money and even your keys.

To prevent this from happening, remind everyone in your house that they need to lock the doors and windows every time they leave the house, after entering and before bedtime. And don’t forget to lock the garage door. Even if you’re just doing a little garden work in your yard, lock the door.

Install outdoor lighting

Aside from adding illumination in your front or back yard, outdoor lighting prevents most burglars to breaking inside your home. Of course, they could be easily spotted with so much lighting around. You could also install outdoor lighting that has infrared motion sensors in it. This could be best placed in every point of entry such as your gate, porch or doorway.

To choose the best outdoor lighting for security, pick ones that have automatic controls. Also, opt for outdoor lighting that is weather resistant or suitable for damp locations. There are also outdoor lightings that are aesthetically pleasing. Increase your home security while complementing the style of your home at the same time.

Reinforcing WindowsUpgrading Door LocksImproving Lighting

Add warning signs

Make the burglar cower in fear by adding warning signs that your house is installed with security cameras or such. Even placing a “Beware of Dog” warning sign near the entry of your fence could also drive burglars away. Whether you have security cameras, dogs, or not, you could trick them with these fake warning signs.

When they read these warning signs, they won’t dare to break-in a house that is full of security cameras that would only lead them to be caught. And they don’t also like having business with the noisy, barking and biting dogs. Place these warning signs in visible spots of your home such as the porch, gate, driveway and doorway.

Hide the ladder and trim your garden

Don’t leave your ladder outside. Lock them away inside your garage. The ladder might just help the burglar in his burglary attempts, and you don’t want that. They just might disguise themselves as contractors or property inspectors even if they’re not. If you have used your ladder to trim the leaves of your plants or trees, hide it away right after you have used it.

Another potential aid to burglars in their burglary attempts is your shrubbery. If the plants in your garden have become overgrown, then it is high time for you to give them a nice clean cut. Why? It’s because your overgrown shrubbery might serve as nice hiding spots to burglars, and you don’t want them to be getting away easily with their crime, right?

Always Having Activity in HouseClearing Up GardensChanging Locks


Fix or replace broken locks

Are your locks all working? If they aren’t, it’s time to fix or replace them. At times, door or window locks are not working properly because they lack lubrication. You don’t have to replace them. Instead, clean the locks and then apply a lubricant. Dirt often gets stuck in locks or the locks are already starting to rust.

Fixing or replacing the locks of your doors or windows by yourself won’t cost you as much as a locksmith would charge. However, if you wanted to be sure that your locks are all properly working, you may hire the service of a professional locksmith.

These low effort and low costs ways of improving your home security would definitely help deter the burglars away. Though it is impossible to make your house perfectly secure, these easy affordable ways could still make your home 90% burglar proof.