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If you’ve just had a meeting with your bank manager, or if you’ve just found a property you love, it’s probable that you need a building inspection, and fast. Many mortgage lenders need to see a building inspection report that will reassure them that the property that you are going to buy with the mortgage is actually worth the value that it is worth and that you’ll be able to afford to pay back the mortgage at some point. If the property is in a particularly desirable area, we know that these inspection reports need to be ready as soon as possible to stop someone else from getting to the property before you do. Where we are based in Melbourne, we carry out many house inspections Melbourne buyers need to secure their mortgage. We have plenty of experience and if you need advice about what kind of inspection you should choose, we are on hand to offer it.


A competitive service at a competitive price

Whilst many inspection companies may charge you more to produce an express inspection report or provide a substandard service, Safe and Sound Property Inspections are proud to supply some of the best building inspectors in the area. We can also offer you a great quote with our competitive building inspection prices. You will receive your building inspection report within 24 hours from us completing your building inspection. All you need to do to book your inspection is send us an email or call us. We will be able to book your inspection at a time that is convenient to you and we’ll ensure that you’re getting the inspection that you need in order to feel safe and sound with the property that you are thinking of buying.