The Benefits of Roof Coating

8257920_origHaving a roofing that will last for a lifetime may not be possible since everything comes to a point wherein it will eventually wear off or rundown. However, there are still ways on how you can make your roofing last longer than it should be. One of the best solutions is to apply roof coating.

Though applying a roof coating is not your cure-it-all solution for your roofing problems, it can definitely prolong the life of your roofing system. As long as the roof coating is properly designed, applied and maintained, you will have a superb roofing system that can last for a longer time. Now why apply a roof coating? Here are the reasons why.

Longer roof life.
Aged roofs can last up to a longer time when it a roof coating is applied. But before applying the coat, the roof should be repaired and restored. Roof coaters can do an extra job of repairing the roof to prevent leaking through applying necessary patches before the coating. However, it is advised to apply roof coating while your roofing system is still new. Don’t wait for your roof to age before applying a coat. As long as you monitor your roof regularly, remedial roof coating work can be done to further increase your roof’s life. A reflective coating may also be applied to reduce the damaging effects of the rays of the sun. It can also reduce the early aging of your roof.

slide6Reduced costly replacement. If your roofing system is severely damaged, a total replacement is needed. Do you know that roofing projects commonly involve around forty percent of roof replacements? Hence, a lot of construction waste enter the landfills, which can cause great damage to our ecosystem. But if you apply a roof coating, you can help save the environment through reducing costly roof replacements every year.

Lower energy consumption.
Since most roof coating contain reflective and emissive properties, this will decrease the load on the HVAC system if you’re using one. With a roof coating’s emissive properties, roof temperatures will decrease so as the energy consumption requirements during daytime. Hence, you can also experience an increase in comfort because of the reduction in roof temperature.

roof-coating02-after_lgImprove the roof’s appearance. If you plan to make your roof more appealing to the eyes, you can resort to a thriftier way which is roof coating rather than have your roofing system totally replaced. If your roofing system can still be salvaged with a splash of roof coating, then choose this option to make your roof appear new. Roof coatings that contain kynar pigments are effective in making your roof newer and these types of coating can effectively restore your roof’s former glory.

Indeed, with a roof coating you can reap several benefits. You can avoid costly replacements and yet your roof can whip up in any style you want. Consider having a roof coating to save more money and have a longer lasting roofing system that you won’t regret. But always remember, proper maintenance is still needed.