Asbestos: Friend or Foe?

Safe and Sound Property Inspections wholeheartedly cares about you and your family. And every home needs to be properly inspected. We, at Safe and Sound Property Inspections also specialises in inspecting asbestos-built home materials. As responsible home owners, it is highly advised to let professionals inspect your home for possible problems. If your home is built with asbestos, the more you need to call experts. To know more about asbestos and its implications, this brief article will help you gain an understanding.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is commonly used as building materials. Asbestos consists of long, thin fibers which make it as a good thermal insulator. For a thousand of years, people are already using this fire-resistant, strong yet flexible material. From the early 1900s and onwards, asbestos has been largely used in the fields of construction, maritime, industrial and commercial products.

Advantages of asbestos

The natural fire-resistant property of asbestos makes it ideal for roofing, flooring, and thermal insulation. Since a home needs to be fire resistant, many prefer using asbestos. The asbestos material doesn’t burn, so placing asbestos near electrical components are advised.
On the other hand, when asbestos is mixed with cement, it ups the lifespan of that product. In terms of building roof shingles, they could last for about fifty to sixty years. Compared to plastic and wood, asbestos is undoubtedly first in terms of longevity.

Asbestos is also inexpensive. Since it is naturally occurring, you can get asbestos in a cheap price. Asbestos is a very good additive with cement which adds strength to the material. Compared to other cement additives, asbestos is cheaper yet with the same durability.

Disadvantages of asbestos

Like any other products, asbestos can be hazardous without observing proper precautions. If there is careless construction method concerning asbestos, the asbestos fibers can be lodged into the air. Though it might seem that there’s nothing special about it, asbestos fibers pose a great risk to one’s health.

Those who are directly exposed to asbestos like construction workers and carpenters, can be afflicted with lung cancer and mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is defined as a rare cancer that affects the linings of the lungs or abdomen. Due to its health risks, certain asbestos products are banned in the United States.

To stop the asbestos fibers mixing in the air, every home owner should be responsible enough to check whether their asbestos-made material shows signs of wear. If so, every home owner should call home inspectors to repair the material. We, at the Safe and Sound Property Inspections, are more willing to help you solve this problem. We are a group of professionals who can lend you a hand.