Areas that Need to Be Inspected Before Buying a New Home

House Buying CoupleIf you’re set out to buy a new home, there are some areas that you need to carefully inspect before you hand over that contract. Having a new home is truly an exciting experience but don’t be carried away yet. Though the house looks okay on the outside, be more meticulous in choosing a home through inspecting it yourself. Even a new home has some parts that are damaged that need to be fixed. This is necessary to avoid serious problems. Here are some tips on the areas that you need to inspect.

Check the roof. Check whether the roof is built good enough. If you see even the tiniest holes, take a time to consider whether you’ll purchase the house or not. Water leakage may come from everywhere but the first place to check is the roof. If there are water leakages, there could be future problems with molds and stains. If you discovered a leak, you can fix it with a sealant. If it’s serious, you may call a professional.

Damaged GutteringCheck the gutter. Aside from checking the roof itself, check the gutters. See whether your gutters have holes, dents and cracks. A good gutter should be free from these problems and if not, there will be leakages and corrosions that could lead to other problems. When it rains, never forget to inspect your roof and gutter. You might have skipped some holes and cracks during your first inspection.

Check for infestations. Infestations can be present in any part of the house. Among the most common infestations inside a house are spiders, termites and fleas. If infestations are present, it will cause you not only inconvenience but also a lot of money for eliminating them. Aside from that, infestations pose a great risk for health problems so have your house sprayed.

Check the backyard. See if the new home you’ll be purchasing doesn’t have a backyard that looks like a jungle. Though not everyone is gifted with a green thumb, it is best to maintain your backyard through regular sweeping, trimming branches and leaves, dusting for cobwebs and etc. These activities will keep your home from infesting with creepy crawlies that come from your backyard.

Check for the ventilation. There should be enough air circulating in your home. A house that is over sealed can lead to future problems. Since moisture could not escape your home, molds may occur. This will lead to rotting and corrosion. Check whether your home’s attic has great ventilation. Usually, this area has poor ventilation. Check if the attic has enough windows to let the fresh air in and a little sunlight.

Electrical Wiring Outlet Home FaultsCheck for electrical problems. See if your new home has faulty wires or not. If there are faulty wires, accidents may happen and can lead to fires and even electrocution. Check for the circuit breakers and loose outlets. These are the parts that may have problems. Just to be sure, you may consult an electrician.

These are the common areas that you should not ignore when inspecting your new home so keep an eye on these areas.