24 hour turn around on our reports, crazy!

How we do our reports

If you are looking for a company to complete your building inspection for you, then Safe and Sound Property Inspections is a great choice. We can carry out a standard inspection to allow you to comply with house inspections Melbourne regulations, or indeed any local authority regulations across Australia. We carefully assess your property both inside and out to let you know of any structural repairs that may be required in the short term, as well as letting you know about any major maintenance work that you may require. This will include things like roof damage or any obvious dangers that we can see with the property’s electric cables. We will include in our report a general estimation of the cost that you may incur to get the property in a safe condition to that you can make an informed decision about purchasing the property. We’ll also give you a follow-up call to ensure that you understand the report that we have provided too.

A fast service that you can rely on

Safe and Sound Property Inspections offers a 24-hour turnaround on all our inspection reports. We think that this is a fair expectation from our clients, and we know just how eager most prospective property owners are to learn about the suitability of a home that they have fallen in love with. If you do request a property inspection, no matter what added extras you may require, we will always make sure that you have your report within 24 hours of the inspection and what’s more is that you will also get a follow-up call from us just to check that you understand it too. We take our customers very seriously, and we will endeavour to carry out your inspection as quickly and as accurately as possible. If you’re interested, have a look at our website to check out our building inspection prices, or contact us directly.