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Building Inspections Melbourne

Property and Pest inspections Melbourne

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases in your life so you really need to get it right the first time. A pre-purchase house inspection from an experienced building inspector can help you make a qualified and knowledgable decision. ‘Cover-ups’ in properties for sale are one of the main ways we can save you a lot of time, money and problems when buying a home or investment property. Our house inspections reveal  common tricks that vendors do to conceal home repair problems.

Your Property Inspection Report will identify both major and minor faults for you before you make a decision about  buying the property. Our building inspections show you what parts of the property are in sound good condition and what areas require property repairs or replacement. Every council and area have different building codes and standards so we cannot guarantee your potential property purchase will abide by these codes but we can provide specialist guidance about any major or minor building faults your property may have. Our building inspection services recognize and report on evidence of timber pest activity and/or damage produced by termites and borers.

Our termites and borers inspections look for any indication of any prior timber pest contamination or existing conditions that can make the property more receptive to timber pests. For instance timbers in contact with the soil and excessive moisture sources, such as leaks from showers and any plumbing defects. Safe and Sound  building inspectors use the latest tools and technologies to assist us in identifying Termites. House inspections are an indispensable tool for pre-purchase. 

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What is a Building and Pest Inspection?

Building and Pest Inspection is a thorough inspection of your prospected property to ascertain its situation and look out for any anatomical damage for restoration or pest infestation for treatment.

What is a Building Inspection?

Whether you’re buying an existing property, or considering restorations, a general building inspection will give you a great idea of the status of the property and where restoration work may be required.

Our building inspectors have years of expertise in the building industry, which they practice to the examination of all properties. Our building inspection services are very popular accross Melbourne and desired by many potential buyers of properties.

The inspection report remarks on any structural destruction, conditions that could cause additional damage, and any other defects in the state of the home and property. It will also include a summary of the property and the supplies used in construction.

What is Pest and Timber Inspection?

Every individual desires to purchase a home, it is the biggest lifetime investment that you will treasure forever. It is very necessary to double-check whether the home has some fault or issue, especially any sort of pest attack. Termites and borers can cause the greatest damage to timber and can ruin the complete home. These termites and borers can create billions of dollars loss in no time.

What is Asbestos Inspection?

Asbestos was extensively utilized for electrical and building insulation due to its endurance and fire resistance. While it is still used sparingly in the building, automotive and materials industries, asbestos has been gradually restricted and phased out due to its toxicity and threat to human health.

Because of this, various federal, state and local regulations manage the production, installment, monitoring, and removal of asbestos-containing substances.

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What Can You Expect From Our Services?

Comprehensive Building Inspection Report

We have a checklist of more than 250 items in your residential or business areas, and provide an accurate and detailed report. Our building inspectors ensure that the inspection is as comprehensive as it can be. Download the same Inspection Report Here

Images Included in Report

To highlight the items that have been inspected, we include colour photographs and/or thermal images along with our inspection report. This allows you to see the items and make changes as required.

Elaborate 10 Star Rating System

We inspect more than 250 items in your residential or business premises, and provide an honest and objective comprehensive report. Download the same Inspection Report Here

Estimate Cost of Repairs

We have an experienced team of home inspectors and have specialized in property renovations. To help you prepare your budget for home repairs, building inspectors will also give you a general estimate of costs for construction needs.

Solutions and Advice

After uncovering the hidden issues of your home, our skilled inspectors will suggest apt solutions and advice on how to take care of your housing issues.

Phone Support

We also entertain follow-up calls from our clients in order to provide utmost clarification and information. You can find out how to go about the process by speaking to one of our building inspectors and understanding how to get started on the process.

Safe and Sound Property Inspections

A thorough home property inspection will give you peace of mind.

The building inspection services team from Safe and Sound will thoroughly inspect your potential purchase and ensure that you will know everything you need to know before making an offer or going to auction.

Knowing your home will give you an edge during time of resale.

We work in your interests and in many cases if there are problems exposed, we can provide an estimate of the repair cost and the seller will negotiate based on our fair appraisal of the repair.

Phone support after we have completed your building inspection service.

After our building inspectors have delivered your report via PDF on the internet by the next day we will provide you with full phone support so you can call and discuss the report and your potential purchase as often as you like.

Helping you make the right decision about one of the biggest purchases of your life.

We inspect houses all day, every day so we know what to look for and how to help you make the right decision so you can confidently buy or else choose not to buy any property in and around Melbourne.

Professional building inspection services in Melbourne

How detailed is the report?

Safe and Sound reports have all the necessary details of your home and generally comes to about 40+ pages.

Does the report include pictures?

Safe and Sound includes photos of all areas.

Does the operator provide a “cost of repair” estimate so you can negotiate with the seller?

Yes! We offer a cost price range estimate for repairs based on 30 plus years experience.

Does the operator provide unlimited phone support after the report has been completed?

We offer unlimited phone support.

Is the operator experienced as well as qualified?

We are proud to boast that our operators have over 30 years renovation/repair experience.

Can the operator provide some current references?

We are happy to provide references from happy customers.


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