Ringwood Building Inspections and Property Inspections


Ringwood Property inspections are quick and simple with Safe and Sound Property Inspections. They will provide a detailed and full building inspection for your house, apartment unit, townhouse and industrial property. So, you can reach us at 1300 553 220 or e-mail us at info@safeandsoundpropertyinspections.com.au, if you have any concerns or queries for any Ringwood property inspection report.

We have done many various kinds of property inspections. Every single inch of the property is meticulously inspected as per the Australian standards for timber pest inspection AS4349.3 and for building inspections standards AS4349.1-2007. As well as the core report, we will also comment and note other areas, such as the exterior, the interior, the roof void, the subfloor, the roof exterior and even more than 250 items will be checked in your Ringwood building inspection.

We excel at Ringwood house and building inspections

For any concern you may have about major structural defects and maintenance issues that are renowned within homes, we will provide rough prices immediately for rectifying any of these dilemmas. Quality colour pictures are provided with within every Ringwood inspection report. You will be able to comprehend each item by the conclusion of the report because of its easy to follow layout and terminology. As well as having a detailed report, we provide a rating system (one to ten stars) as to compare your home to other homes of the similar design and age.

Honest, objective and scrupulous building inspection reports are provided by us. From the first contact with us, all the way through the inspection delivery and then the conclusion of your report; our supreme professionalism is guaranteed.


You get a roadworthy on a car, a “houseworthy” costs less for your biggest investment.
The best money you will ever spend for helping your purchasing decision.
Our location specific, Ringwood building inspections will also categorize issues, which will lead to the risk involved in any property. Safe and sound property inspections are highly skilled and trained to do building inspections being that they are registered building practitioners, qualified in property inspections and are building professionals in the Melbourne area. All of our building inspectors have full accountability and professional indemnity insurance cover.


Ringwood timber pest home inspections (Termites)

Our timber pest inspection contains:
Protection from: Borers, Fungal Decays, Wood Rots and Termites. This kind of inspection is currently taken on by third party experts approved by us, waiting for our pest inspection licence.

We will identify a property is affected from lumber pests and indentify if there is perceptible damage from timber pests.