Doncaster Building Inspections and Property Inspections


Doncaster Property Inspections become so simple with Safe and Sound Property Inspections, providing an in-depth and highly comprehensive property inspection for your home, apartment unit, commercial property and townhouses. We would like to hear your queries and concerns about a Doncaster property inspection by getting in touch with us via a phone call on: 1300 553 220 or e-mailing us at

We have completed numerous kinds of property inspections. All of which, follow the Australian standards for timber pest inspections AS4349.3 and building inspections AS4349.1-2007, plus the interior, the roof void, the subfloor, the exterior, the roof exterior are inspected for any defects or potential issues. Doncaster building inspection will be checking over 250 items in total to give you the best understanding of what you might be dealing with.

Our excellence is Doncaster house and building inspections

Any major structural defects and maintenance issues found during the inspection will be reported to you immediately, along with the approximate costs for solving any difficulties. We give high quality colour snapshots with each Doncaster inspection that is purchased. We will also explain our inspection and report by our easy to read layouts which will mean you can understand it without difficulty. In addition, we have a rating system (from one to ten stars) evaluating your home to others with the similar style and age.

Trust cannot be earned easily, so our goal is to provide clients with honest, objective and complete property inspection reports, by these you will experience the ultimate professionalism.


You get a roadworthy on a car, a “houseworthy” costs less for your biggest investment.

The best money you will ever spend for helping your purchasing decision.

To reduce risk in the property, a Doncaster Building Inspection will identify any structural issues. Safe and sound property inspections are capable and qualified to operate property inspections as they consist of registered building practitioners, building experts and skilled in building inspections in the Melbourne region. For your peace of mind, our entire Inspectors have full public liability and expert protection insurance cover.


Doncaster timber pest home inspections (Termites)

Our timber pest inspection covers:
Termites, Borers, Wood Rots & Fungal Decays. This inspection is currently undertaken by 3rd party professionals approved by us, until we obtain our pest inspection licence.

Our test will identify if a building is affected from timber pests and identify if there is any visible timber pest damage.