Camberwell Building Inspections and Property Inspections


Meticulous and comprehensive property inspection of your home, apartment unit, industrial property and townhouse can be provided by a Camberwell Building inspection such as that of, Safe and Sound Property Inspections. Queries? Concerns? Or any other question regarding a Camberwell home inspection, feel free to reach us at 1300 553 220 or e-mail us at

Whenever we inspect a property, we see to it to follow the Australian standards when it come for building inspection AS4349.1-2007 and timber pest inspection AS4349.3 as well as the interior, the exterior, the roof void, the roof exterior and the subfloor, actually, above 250 items will be scrutinized in your Camberwell building inspection. We’ve already done different kinds of building inspections in Melbourne and in this field is our expertise.

Our knowledge is in Camberwell house and building inspections

An immediate notification will be sent to the client if there any major structural defects and maintenance issues as well as, the estimated costs for solving out any problems. With every Camberwell inspection, quality colour photos are provided. We will help you understand every item when the inspection and report is done. Furthermore, we have a rating system (one star to ten) comparing your property to others of the same age and design.

Honest, objective and comprehensive property inspection reports are given. From the beginning of the time you make contact with us throughout the entire inspection, its delivery and clarification of your report, we ensure that you will experience tremendous professionalism.


You get a roadworthy on a car, a “houseworthy” costs less for your biggest investment.

The best money you will ever spend for helping your purchasing decision.

Our particular location and service – Camberwell Building Inspection will recognize issues and items, which will assist to the risk lessening in your desired property. Safe and sound property inspections are highly skilled and highly capable to perform property inspections being a registered practitioner, adept in property inspections, highly regarded building experts in the Melbourne area. Each of our Inspectors have professional protection insurance cover and has full public liability.


Camberwell timber pest home inspections (Termites)

Our timber pest inspection covers:
Fungal Decays, Wood Rots, Termites, and Borers elimination. A 3rd party professional that is approved by us is currently carrying out this kind of inspection, until we get our pest inspection licence.

Our assessment will recognize if one building is affected from timber pest and also recognize if there is any obvious timber pest damage.