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  • Property Inspection reports in Melbourne range from very detailed to very short and of little value so please ensure you aware of the report you will be receiving and always go with a company experienced in inspecting Melbourne houses and also renovating and repairing Melbourne housesPlain English reports which are easy to understand. Over 200 point inspection.

    We highlight any defects with the home, advise remedies and approximate costs to repair the home. (So you have a good idea what extra costs you may be up for.).

    Full time professional inspectors. (that’s all we do).

    We give the home a score of between 1 to 10 stars comparing it to other houses of the same style and age..

    Safe and sound P.I. are totally independent and have no connections with agents or contactors..

    Inspectors own the company (no subcontractors) so we will offer the best service possible to our clients..

    Safe and sound P.I. have a licenced plumber and a licenced electrician available for a more in depth report or for any alterations needed..

    View our home page for an overview of our building inspections, Melbourne based services..

New Building Inspection Services

  1. Final new home property inspections.
  2. Accredited to perform pool and pool safety fence certification.
  3. Inspect and report on Asbestos and rectification.
  4. Inspect and report on Mould and rectification.

NEW! Asbestos reports, surveys and audits for Residential and Commercial properties.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance and must be handled by a professional and be testing in every situation

When we inspect your property we will look at the following areas:

Outdoor Areas Inspected

  • Properties External Walls
  • Gates / Fencing / Surface Drainage
  • Exterior Stairways and Skylights
  • Integrity of Retaining Walls
  • Pergolas and Outdoor Structures
  • Decks / Balconies
  • Roof Area: Tiles, Fascia’s and Guttering
  • Sub-Floor Area
  • Patios & Courtyards Driveways and paths
  • Investigate for cracks and /or movement or structural deterioration (concrete cancer) etc.
  • And many other items of interest.

Indoor Areas Inspected

  • Properties Interior Walls
  • Tiles – cracked & loose (drummy)
  • Floors Ceilings Stairs
  • Ventilation and dampness
  • Doors and Windows
  • Laundry
  • Cabinets in Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Roof Space/Void
  • Bath seals and integrity
  • Shower seal and integrity
  • Sinks, taps & plumbing fixtures


  • Pre-purchase property inspections.
  • Pre-sale inspections.
  • Energy efficiency inspections.
  • Rental and insurance inspections.
  • Pest inspections.
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Fully insured
  • Servicing all Melbourne. (2 inspectors)
  • Verbal and written reports within 24 Hours if needed.
  • Australian Standards Compliant.
  • AS4349.1-2007 & AS4349.3

We cover all of Melbourne for Property and Building Inspection Locations, including: