Life in Peace With our Melbourne based Building and Pest Inspectors

The dream house that you have been working hard for all your life could very well be hiding nasty surprises behind the walls and under the floorboards. Don’t let it turn into a nightmare of termites, borers and wood fungi gnawing away at your furniture and making your house much more hazardous to you and your family. Call up Safe and Sound Property Inspections and get a pest inspection done on property you are interested in before you think of buying it.

  • Reliable Professionals.Safe and Sound Property Inspections are staffed by highly competent professionally trained individuals accredited by the Housing Industry of Australia. They know full well the damage that household pests can cause to property and its occupants. As such, they have just the right skills and know-how to spot these hidden dangers and come up with real solutions and preventive measures in the comprehensive pest report.
  • Complete Assessment.No proverbial stone is left unturned, as every inch of the property is meticulously scrutinized by the pest inspectors. From the indoor elements such as the walls and floors and even the ventilation shafts to the outdoor areas including the roof all the way to the fences surrounding the house, there is no place for pests to hide.
  • Insurance Guaranteed. It’s not enough that Safe and Sound Property Inspections lets you know of any potential pest problems in the property you’re interested in. You are also secured from incurring any losses thanks to the insurance that comes with the service.
  • All-Inclusive Offers. Although the threat of pests in property is a major issue, it is only one of many that you have to consider whether you’re checking a brand new place or you’re having your own house reevaluated. Safe and Sound Property Inspections provides all the other services you’ll need including general house inspection, land size measurement, and renovation feasibility inspection.

Pests inside the home are a real problem, making your quality of life suffer through the inconveniences they bring and the danger they pose. Have your property inspected for pests by Safe and Sound Property Inspections today, and live your life knowing that you and your family are secure where they ought to be secure.