A thorough home property inspection will give you peace of mind
The team from Safe and Sound will thoroughly inspect your potential purchase and ensure that you will know everything you need to know before making an offer or going to auction.

A thorough building inspection will give you bargaining power
We work in your interests and in many cases if there are problems exposed we can provide an estimate of the repair cost and the seller will negotiate based on our fair appraisal of the repair.

Phone support after we have completed your building inspection service in Melbourne.
After we have delivered your report via PDF on the internet by the next day we will provide you with full phone support so you can call and discuss the report and your potential purchase as often as you like.

Helping you make the right decision about one of the biggest purchases of your life
We inspect houses all day every day so we know what to look for and how to help you make the right decision so you can confidently buy or else choose not to buy based on your knowledge of the property.

Some simple questions to compare building inspection services.

How detailed is the report?
(Safe and Sound is 30 plus pages)

Does the report include pictures ?
(Safe and Sound includes photos of all areas)

Does the operator provide a “cost of repair” estimate so you can negotiate with the seller ?
Safe and Sound offers a cost price range estimate for repairs based on 30 plus years experience

Does the operator provide unlimited phone support after the report has been completed ?
Safe and Sound offers unlimited phone support

Is the operator experienced as well as qualified ?
Safe and Sound operators have over 30 years renovation/repair experience

Can the operator provide some current references ?
Safe and Sound are happy to provide references from happy customers

What sort of property inspection do you require?

These are the most popular property inspection services in Melbourne

For more information about the other services that we offer, visit our services page. If you want to know the specific costs of our services, check out our pricing page.

What can you expect from our services?

  • Comprehensive building inspection report. We inspect more than 250 items in your residential or business premises, and provide an honest and objective comprehensive report. Download the same Inspection Report Here
  • Colour photographs.To highlight the items inspected, we include colour photographs and/or thermal images along with our inspection report.
  • Simple 10-star rating system.Our building inspectors in Melbourne use this simple rating system to quickly asses your home, and for you to easily interpret our findings.
  • Solutions and advice. After uncovering the hidden issues of your home, our skilled inspectors will suggest you apt solutions and advice on how to remedy housing issues.
  • Broad estimate of the costs incurred in home repairs. We are an experienced team of home inspectors and we have done several property renovations. To help you prepare your budget for home repairs, we will also give you a broad estimate of costs for construction needs.
  • Phone support. We also entertain follow-up calls from our clients in order to provide utmost clarification and information.

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Why choose us?

  • We have fully licensed and accredited building practitioners with full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
  • We follow the Australian codes for building inspection (AS4349.1-2007) and timber pest inspection (AS4349.3).
  • We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our services.Visit our website’s testimonial page.
Property inspection accreditation
Most of all, we provide a FAST and RELIABLE building inspection service in Melbourne.Call us today at 1300-553-220 or email us at