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Protect Your Biggest Assetwith the Best Building Inspection

You finally managed to have your own home, and for that, congratulations! We can see you smile from ear to ear. Who wouldn’t be happy? Not everyone can afford a home like you do, and it’s all thanks to yourhard work. But to make your home last for a lifetime and to prevent your smile from fading away, we highly suggest that you pick our top of the line building inspection service in Melbourne.

Do you really need a building inspection service from us?

No matter how beautiful and sturdy your home is, it is not immortal. Just like people aging, your house ages, too, and it can suffer from structural defects, pest infestation, mould formation, asbestos, plumbing issues, feeble electrical wiring system, and many more. Nevertheless, you can still prevent these from happening. With comprehensive building inspections in Melbourne, you can detect the said problems early on and apply a quick solution.

If not detected and treated early, these shocking horrors could happen to you:

  • You might end up having an almost empty wallet due to randomized and endless home repairs.
  • You will pay a surprisingly high amount in your water or electricity bill because of leaky pipes and inefficient energy delivery system.
  • You become more prone to slip and fall accidents since there are slimy moulds growing inside your bathroom, or the termites have successfully weaken your home’s foundation.
  • You will visit the hospital more often because of insect bites, or you have possibly inhaled too much asbestos fibres.

The aftermath is too many to mention and it all leads you to become an unhappy homeowner. If you’re worried about the building inspection cost, then you need not be.

Safe and Sound Property Inspections can give you a comprehensive property and inspection pest report at only $495!

Our popular building inspection services

Find out what makes your home a less safe place to live in with our reliable Melbourne building surveillance services. Among our popular services are the following:

For more information about the other services that we offer, visit our services page. If you want to know the specific costs of our services, check out our pricing page.

What can you expect from our services?

  • Comprehensive building inspection report. We inspect more than 250 items in your residential or business premises, and provide an honest and objective comprehensive report. Download the same Inspection Report Here
  • Colour photographs.To highlight the items inspected, we include colour photographs and/or thermal images along with our inspection report.
  • Simple 10-star rating system.Our building inspectors in Melbourne use this simple rating system to quickly asses your home, and for you to easily interpret our findings.
  • Solutions and advice. After uncovering the hidden issues of your home, our skilled inspectors will suggest you apt solutions and advice on how to remedy housing issues.
  • Broad estimate of the costs incurred in home repairs. We are an experienced team of home inspectors and we have done several property renovations. To help you prepare your budget for home repairs, we will also give you a broad estimate of costs for construction needs.
  • Phone support. We also entertain follow-up calls from our clients in order to provide utmost clarification and information.

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Why choose us?

  • We have fully licensed and accredited building practitioners with full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
  • We follow the Australian codes for building inspection (AS4349.1-2007) and timber pest inspection (AS4349.3).
  • We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our services.Visit our website’s testimonial page.
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Most of all, we provide a FAST and RELIABLE building inspection service in Melbourne.Call us today at 1300-553-220 or email us at